Model Airplane Maker on the Plastic Model Mojo Podcast!

I wrote about subject of models and social media a short time ago.  Never being one for having the latest tech, I found myself wondering how I was going to get through an 11+ hour drive to WrightCon in the spring of 2019.

Then I remembered I had an iPod!

Who still uses an iPod Nano in 2020?

I found plenty of podcasts available for pretty much all of my interests including the On the Bench podcast out of Australia.  This discovery opened up a whole new way for me to consume scale model content.  It certainly made the drive to Dayton, OH and back much more enjoyable.  I then incorporated this podcast into my daily commute.  Soon after, I added the Scale Model Podcast to the rotation.

In early 2020 we also had Plastic Model Mojo start in this scale modeling podcast industry.  It too did not take long to be incorporated into my commute podcast rotation… that is until we all stopped commuting back in March.

Imagine that…. I actually find myself missing this daily grind.

Plastic Model Mojo is hosted by Mike Baskette and David Knights.  Although his modeling origins are in aircraft, Mike is primarily an 1/35 armor guy who particularly likes Soviet vehicles while David is a gentlemen’s scale aficionado as well as a fan of Pacific War Japanese aircraft.  David is also on the IPMS USA exec and maintains a couple Blogs.  Both are residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and are very talented at talking about this hobby.    

The podcast has something for everyone.  There are typically questions and answers from listeners, scale model news and some thoughts on this seemingly endless supply of new model kits and supplies.  There are also good discussions about a given subject in each episode and overall, the podcast has excellent production quality.

What I like most about these two is their easy conversation style that seems to bring our a sense of all-around hobby enjoyment and enthusiasm.  Plus, they have industry leading intro and fade-out music!

Earlier this summer Mike contacted me and asked if I would be interested in having a discussion on an upcoming podcast episode.  He was particularly interested in my post about whether today’s focus is on building or finishing models as well as my thoughts on Next Level Builds.  I thought the idea sounded like fun and quickly accepted.

You can hear and download Plastic Model Mojo Episode 19 here.

Yours truly was Plastic Model Mojo’s first ‘interview’ but we did not hold to a question and answer model.  It was more of a conversation and I really enjoyed getting to know Mike and David.  The technology used to bring the three of us together for this discussion was simple to use and effective.

Model Buddy Ian has given me his feedback about the episode. I’d like to know your thoughts on some of the topics we discussed on the podcast.

Final Thoughts

Although there is a lot to dislike about the lock down, there have also been a few positives.  My sense is that the Plastic Model Mojo podcast hit its stride just as locked-down people were looking for more scale model content.  I certainly hope their popularity increases as they have such a great production.  If you have not already done so, I recommend giving Mojo a listen and to incorporate them into your listening routine.

3 thoughts on “Model Airplane Maker on the Plastic Model Mojo Podcast!

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  1. The episode sounded very interesting. It would be something to consider if I had the time to spend listening to the entire show. I have kept this email and set it so I can re-listen again in the future.
    Unfortunately, I can’t listen to podcasts in the car (data and Provincial rules on use of cell phones considerations).


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