Earning Your (Modeling) Stripes

When I got back into the hobby my initial goal was to incorporate some new technique, or tool, or anything “new” into each one of my builds. At first it was photoetch, then resin bits, then some basic scratch building. After I got the hang of pre and post shading, I turned my mind towards […]

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Fool Me Once

Last year I wrote a post about the expensive kit myth where I compared prices of kits from over 30 years ago.  The summary was that the comparison is very difficult because the kits from today are entirely different products from years ago.  As a bit of an update, I came across a very interesting […]

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Next Level Builds

Here is where I am: Competent model building and painting and when the stars align, I might get a result worthy of the display case and a competitive contest entry.  I can confidently say given enough time and interest in a subject; I can tame almost any kit. Which is a good thing because I […]

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Are we builders or finishers?

I have to admit: this post has been one of the harder ones to write (and to find images for).  The content is not controversial but I am trying to make a comparison which is difficult to support with data.  That said, in no way is this post meant to be a declaration of a […]

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Originally posted on OTTAWA REWIND:
Once Upon A Time in Ottawood, our skies above the capital were abuzz with the sound of Rolls Royce Merlin engines, purring from the fuselages of the graceful and iconic WW2 fighter, the P-51 Mustang. After the war, Canada purchased a total of 150 Mustang P-51Ds from the United States…