The 2023 Dream Kit List!

After I stifle that last turkey burp and toss that 'ol tree out on the snowbank, my thoughts usually turn to figuring out which day of the week it is. But soon after that, I start to ponder what kits I'd like to see in the future. Now, I know that the rumor mill has... Continue Reading →

And that was 2022

Wow. It seems as though I just posted the 2021 send-off and I'm already doing another one. This has been a very fast year. That usually means I have been busy and in the case of 2022, yes, things were busy. Let's get the obvious out of the way. By every account, this year was... Continue Reading →

Wanna Group Build?

Then why not join the first ever Model Airplane Makers Group Build: Let's Get Pacific! This one is hosted on facebook and is open to anyone who wants to build Pacific Theatre aircraft. Full details: Location: Let's Get Pacific Group Build Dates: December 1, 2022 all the way to May 30, 2023 Subject: Anything that... Continue Reading →

Just Ask!

It was the morning of September 2009. This was the day I was going to step outside of my little basement fiefdom of model building and enter into a more social model-building arena. I was going to enter one of my builds into a contest! Apprehensive? Yup. Not so much that I wouldn't win anything.... Continue Reading →

Enjoy Your Hobby Guilt Free

Occasionally there is a 'mainstream' article about hobbies in general or our hobby in particular. Generally speaking, these recent peeks into this thing of ours tend to be positive. But it wasn't always this way. When it came to Hollywood from the 70s through to the 90s, the common theme was that only disturbed or... Continue Reading →

Conventional Wisdom?

When it comes to painting and putting the finishing touches on a model, there are certain widely held beliefs that, despite logic or critical thinking, have become required conventions. As in, if your model does not follow one or more of these conventions, then it is somehow "wrong" or "off" and perhaps, (gasp!) un-chic! Now... Continue Reading →

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