The Great Model Drive of ’23

As I said in a previous post, I spent a lot of time building and finishing models in my previous hobby room. I thought saying goodbye to the old model space would be the tough part. Not even close. It was the act of moving and unpacking, that was the tough part. And pretty much... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Old Friend

This is my model workshop. Model studio if you like. I built it some 13 years ago when we finished the basement. This was long before Model Airplane Maker was ever a thing and years before the little intern came along. Long before I even knew about the 'social' side of model making. Long before... Continue Reading →

Building my favorite Corsair

I have stated a few times that it was this Okinawa-based Corsair that started the whole fascination with the type. But, I have never attempted to build Bob Klingman's Corsair. Why is that? Oh, reasons I'm sure. That and wanting to avoid checkerboard decals on the cowl. But before the build, let's explain a few... Continue Reading →

1/72 AMP X-20: No, it’s a “Dyna-Soar”

Remember that time when money wasn't tight, man-made wonders were constantly being built and funding for every conceivable aerospace program was announced weekly? Yeah, me neither. But I imagine it was like that when the X-20 was conceived and plotted out. The equivalent of five and a half billion of today's dollars was spent to... Continue Reading →

The 2023 Dream Kit List!

After I stifle that last turkey burp and toss that 'ol tree out on the snowbank, my thoughts usually turn to figuring out which day of the week it is. But soon after that, I start to ponder what kits I'd like to see in the future. Now, I know that the rumor mill has... Continue Reading →

Jet Cockpits using paint only

In this platinum age of model kits, we have a lot of options when it comes to finishing kit cockpits. There is old-school scratch building, photoetch, resin sets, and those amazing 3d cockpit decal sets. Or you can just use what came in the box! And these days, more and more kits have excellent cockpits... Continue Reading →

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