Model Airplane Maker… Cockpit Finishing now on YouTube

I have been a ‘consumer’ of scale model related videos on YouTube for some years now.  Some are great and some need work but all required some effort to get finished and published to the masses.  I have been thinking about doing some how-to videos for a while.  It only took a global pandemic and some time at home to get it kick started.

Recently, I have been studying what makes some videos work better than others, at least for what interests me.  I’ve concluded that the footage is just one aspect of a good video.  More important is the video editing.  That is what brings it all together.

My lovely wife bought me VideoStudio to get me started and I am glad she did.  It may not have all of the bells and whistles of the more expensive software packages but there are hundreds of tutorials and how-tos and for starting out, it really can’t be much easier to put something together.

If you have read my Cockpit Tips and Tricks post, a lot in this video will seem familiar:

This is definitely a first video.  I learned a lot when I was making it and I have a couple ideas for improvement in the next one.   Let me know what you think!

14 thoughts on “Model Airplane Maker… Cockpit Finishing now on YouTube

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  1. The audio portion needs improvement. Also, if you can zoom in even closer to demonstrate your dry brushing or other detail work, it would greatly enhance it’s value to viewers


    1. Hi Kip – Agreed on the audio and camera placement. I first went with a USB headset to record the audio and it was not good. I have improved that part. I will try to get the camera in closer to the work on the next video. Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Hi, This is not a comment, but a question for you. I am an eighty eighty year old man who has for pleasure and something to do built balsa wood planes off and on over the years. I am in a retired in a home now and want very much to try and built a NC-3,or 4, out of balsa wood to have in my room. I can not find any plans to build one. Could you please help me with this project
    John Ross


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