Tips and Tricks for Jet Cockpits

I am more of a Second World War prop airplane builder but I sometimes dabble where I am not supposed to. I have recently started a build of the lauded 1/48 Tamiya Tomcat. Unfortunately, most of my Cockpit Finishing Techniques had to be thrown out of the window. That is not necessarily a bad thing... Continue Reading →

The Hondo

I started this blog back at the end of 2018. My only intention was to share my builds and any tips that helped me pursue this hobby. Of course, I added some observations and thoughts along the way. Originally, I was hoping to do at least two decent posts per month. Sometimes I met that... Continue Reading →

Now that’s a Big Model

Forget 24th or even 18th scales. Those seem so small and insignificant now. For I have seen the world's largest scale model! And boy, it's a big one: This is a 1:1 scale, CF-105 Avro Arrow and it lives in a hangar maintained by the Edenvale Aviation Heritage Museum in sunny Stayner Ontario. Earlier this... Continue Reading →

Who Was Billy Bishop?

Full disclosure: A week ago, the only things I knew about Bishop were: He was an RFC pilot in the first world warHe shot down a pile of GermansHe was from Owen Sound OntarioHe survived the war and wrote a book that I remember my dad owningThe downtown airport in Toronto is named after him.... Continue Reading →

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