Now that’s a Big Model

Forget 24th or even 18th scales. Those seem so small and insignificant now. For I have seen the world's largest scale model! And boy, it's a big one: This is a 1:1 scale, CF-105 Avro Arrow and it lives in a hangar maintained by the Edenvale Aviation Heritage Museum in sunny Stayner Ontario. Earlier this... Continue Reading →

Who Was Billy Bishop?

Full disclosure: A week ago, the only things I knew about Bishop were: He was an RFC pilot in the first world warHe shot down a pile of GermansHe was from Owen Sound OntarioHe survived the war and wrote a book that I remember my dad owningThe downtown airport in Toronto is named after him.... Continue Reading →

3D Printing Needs its Windows 95 Moment

At least it does for the types of printing we modelers would like to do. Here is my completely uneducated opinion about 3D printing as it relates to hobbies in general and scale models in particular: 3D Printing is now at the stage computers were around the time of those 1980s "Computer Clubs". Let me... Continue Reading →

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