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Two reblogs in one month? This is not like me. Then again, if someone has written something that I enjoy and I can comment about, then why not? I've been following Scale Model Soup for years. Steven posts about builds, shows, and some very clever thoughts about the hobby. My favorite posts of his are... Continue Reading →


Another interesting Aviation story by Andrew King, always with links to my hometown. To think there could still be parts of a P-38 Lightning scattered about McGregor lake. Just as interesting is the ‘career path’ of these Warbirds – from delivery to the USAF, to surplus-ed Air Racers and finally to Air Survey work.


A quest to find the wreckage of a crashed WW2 P-38 Lightning in the woods north of Ottawa…

During World War Two the German Luftwaffe nicknamed it der Gabelschwanz-Teufel, or “ the fork-tailed devil”. The American built Lockheed P-38 Lightning was aptly nick-named due to its distinctive twin-engine booms and central pilot pod paired with exceptional flight characteristics. The P-38 was a formidable opponent for the Luftwaffe in Europe and for the Japanese in the Pacific, who referred to it as “two planes, one pilot”.

Developed as a twin engined high altitude interceptor to attack hostile aircraft, the P-38 entered service in 1942 and remained in operation with the United States Air Force until 1949. After the war, thousands of P-38 Lightnings became obsolete aircraft as the aviation world entered the jet age. These surplus P-38s were sold off into a variety of new roles including foreign air forces…

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It’s ok to Suck

"Embrace the Suck" is a term I've heard many times in 'other-than-scale-model' settings. It was definitely a saying back when I spent hours and hours sucking wind on my mountain bike. One season, many years ago, I set out to get better and faster. I really wanted to stop walking the bike up steep rocky... Continue Reading →

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