Yellow Peril on a Centennial Pedestal

Have you ever seen this symbol? If you have no idea what that logo is, well, I apologize. Because things are about to get a whole lot Canadian for a couple paragraphs. Growing up, this logo was plastered on pretty much every public building I frequented. I'm talking indoor pools, arenas, libraries, outdoor pools, amphitheaters,... Continue Reading →

Who Was Billy Bishop?

Full disclosure: A week ago, the only things I knew about Bishop were: He was an RFC pilot in the first world warHe shot down a pile of GermansHe was from Owen Sound OntarioHe survived the war and wrote a book that I remember my dad owningThe downtown airport in Toronto is named after him.... Continue Reading →

Divebomber Delivery

It's the winter and it's Covid and it's lockdowns. Weekends that should normally be spent with swimming lessons, gymnastics classes, museum visits and snow removal have been reduced to walks in the snow, the creation of complicated snow bunkers, patiently waiting on Amazon deliveries, listening to podcasts and reading. So you can imagine that any... Continue Reading →

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