1/48 Fine Molds Ki-15 Kamikaze (Babs)

I have always liked the look of golden age aircraft.  The more streamlined the better.    Something about polished metal, wheel pants and big engine cowlings.  Aviation technology was changing so rapidly between the wars and it seemed as though every new model broke some sort of record. First flying in May of 1936, the... Continue Reading →

2019 WrightCon Show

Dayton Ohio: Birthplace of aviation; home of the USAF museum and on the weekend of April 5-6 2019, the location of WrightCon, an IPMS Region IV show.  Yes, Dayton is a bit of a hike for me, but given the fact that the USAF Museum is was on my bucket list, I had some annual... Continue Reading →

Whether to Weather?

Tough question.  If there is a trend in the hobby related to finishing models, I'd say we are definitely in the weathering era.  We are way past basic drybrushing, oil pin washes and pastel powders on our models.  There has never been a time when so many purpose designed weathering products have been available.  Moreover and... Continue Reading →

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