Requisite “End of Year” and “New Beginnings” Post

So the theory goes that as you close out the year on a model blog, you must reflect on the year, your builds and perhaps look forward to the new year and the promise that it brings….modelwise at least.  I am usually not one to conform to convention but it makes sense to reflect on the year’s activities and think about where I want to go in 2019.

Modelwise, 2018 was a big year for me.  I decided early on that I would attend the IPMS Nationals in Arizona and that I wanted to compete.  That meant I needed to step up my game.  And stepping up my game meant that I needed to focus on my build.  Projects were put aside and I focused for some 4-5 months on a single Kawasaki Ki-45 Nick in 1/72.  I did well with it at Nationals and at the Rochester Show I attended this year.


When I got back from the show I decided to clear the shelves of those remaining projects.  I either threw out or finished my remaining shelf queens and was fairly happy with the results:

I also started this blog and I am glad that I did.  I am still trying to find my focus and style so I want to thank those who have come for a visit and have read my articles.

So what am I looking forward to in 2019?

I am definitely going to be continuing my “Focus” theme.  This change in my model making philosophy means:

  • No more Shelf Queens;
  • Organizing my work space; and
  • One model at a time.

With a clear space that eases building (ie, not taking 30 minutes to find a scalpel or a specific brush) my limited hobby time can be more productive hobby time. I also think that with focus on one kit, I will actually end up completing more builds

I am also looking to further cull the model stash and no more being lazy and shelving a tough model.  I think it will be better to work through issues in order to get to painting and finishing my models.

2019 will have me trying a few new things.  I will complete a helicopter, and I am going to try a Wingnut Wings biplane.  I am still up for experimenting with different weathering techniques but (to be honest) I actually prefer the look of well built and painted clean models.

I have determined my photography set up is ineffective and cumbersome.  There are now a lot of great alternatives available through Amazon.  The key for me is how easy these will be to set up and tear down.

I am also going to try to do some videos.  TRY being the key thing.  I don’t think the actual filming is tough.  I do think the editing of the video into something pleasant to watch is the key thing.  That takes a lot of skill and time.  So if I do go into this, it will be later in the year.

Show wise I am thinking of attending 3 model shows in 2019 – Torcan; CapCon and WrightCon.  That’s the plan anyway.

I’d like to hear your 2019 model plans.  Are you thinking of shaking things up or focusing on key builds?  New equipment or techniques?  Let me know in the comments!








8 thoughts on “Requisite “End of Year” and “New Beginnings” Post

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  1. Nicely thought out blog. Some interesting challenges ahead for you. Don’t be too scared of the video editing – there are quite a few free and easy-to-use applications out there nowadays.
    I’m on the rundown to retirement (Jan 2021) but have had a little windfall that has meant I could afford the expensive spraybooth I’ve always wanted. I’ve also brought my stash up to a level that may mean I don’t have too many purchases left to make. One definite target for 2019 – to finish more than 10 modelling projects. My total for the last few years has been between 5 and 8 models/projects per year. I am also rebuilding my website (with a change in domain) which has been dormant for a few years and should have that finished in early 2019.
    Good luck with your own targets. Kev

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  2. Nice ideas. Since your topic on bases and model presentation in a broad scale I’ve been thinking about this. I lose steam at the end of the build because i haven’t dealt with the plane presentation!
    So this year I’m gonna work on the presentation specifically for the shelf queens and hopefully get enthusiasm back this way.
    Thanks for your blog and ideas.

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  3. I too am continuing my focus on only one model at a time. When i get Tomcat number 2 finished, not sure if i will turn to a Shelf of Doom project, or start something new, like an obscure jet airliner.

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