2021 Dream Kit List

It’s January! So it is that time of year again in this platinum era of scale models: Wish time! I’d like to think all the manufacturers subscribe to my blog, wait longingly for this annual top 5 list and duly note my wishes because I have been fairly reasonable with my asks. It’s not like I asked for a 1/48 B-52 or something outlandish as a 1/18 Corsair…. although I probably would buy one.

I had dream kit lists in 2019 and 2020. Let’s see how generous the model gods have been:

Year AskedModelResult
20191/48 P-38 LightningTamiya released a P-38G and H
2019 + 20201/48 New Tool CorsairStill waiting…
2019 + 20201/32 Val or KateUpcoming Release from Infinity Models
20191/48 1930s airplanesDora, Wingsy, Fujimi and others have answered the call
20191/48 SR-71Upcoming releases from Hypersonic and Revell
20201/48 Japanese Twin EngineNot yet
20201/48 Northup GammaNot yet
20201/72 or 1/48 PrivateerNot yet
I’m batting .400 here – not too shabby!

I do not know if the pandemic and resulting lockdowns have affected potential releases. It wouldn’t surprise me if it has at least delayed production of models that were ‘in the can’. Then again, I bet there was a healthy uptick in the consumption of scale models in 2020 and those funds may have fueled additional projects. I suppose only time will tell.

Here is my 2021 list of my 5 most wanted kits (in no particular order):

1. A New Tool F-86 in 1/48 or 1/32

The Hasegawa is still a solid entry as is the Academy kit but they have their quirks. I think the Sabre is right up there in popularity with the Spitfires, 109s and the Mustangs. As well, practically every airforce flew them.

Yes, yes, I am fully aware of the upcoming F-86 from Airfix. Although I firmly believe there is a place in the model kit world for Airfix models, but they are second tier kits. As in, the new tool Airfix Sabre will be a decent model at a value price point. But, like every other ‘updated’ Airfix product, I am very sure it will have its quirks and shortcomings.

I also recently traded one of my precious Corsairs for a 1/48 Tamiya Mig-15. Boy, wouldn’t that model look grand alongside a sweet Tamiya Sabre….

2. A New Tool Tamiya Corsair in 1/48

Yes, I’ve been wanting this one for a few years. And I am going to keep asking for it. Again, let’s go over why: Tamiya was nice enough to update it’s Spitfire, 109 and A6M5 Zero.  Tamiya has the definitive ‘early’ F4U Corsairs in 1/32 and I am confident we will not be seeing an improvement on those in a very long time.

So why not an update to their Corsair kits first released in 1996?   Their Corsair could benefit from an update to the design of the wing folds and the hood in front of the cockpit. Those are two things that Tamiya dealt with rather well with their unbelievably well done 1/32 Corsair.

As well, Hasegawa’s -4, -5, -6 and , -7 variants are getting long in the tooth and have their own build issues.  I’m thinking these can be updated as well. Yes, there are the recent HobbyBoss late variant Corsairs but these have missed the mark in more than a few places.

I have to be careful what I wish for here as I have at least a half dozen Tamiya Corsairs in the stash and close to a dozen Hasegawa Corsairs as well. Good problems to have if there ever was an update announced.

3. A U-2R/S in 1/72 or 1/48

I seem to ask for updates to kits that are readily available. But look at that thing! Its got all sorts of things hanging off of it, or bolted on it or sticking out of it. It looks mean and mean things need to be built. I am thinking 1/72 because of the wingspan on this beast but I know I would shell out for the bigger one.

There are Italeri/Testors kits that are readily available for very reasonable prices. However, they need a lot of work to get there. I don’t know too much about the Special Hobby kits except they are not easy to come by and they currently command a high price on the secondary market.

It may be most likely that AFV club brings out one of these. After all, they have brought us some of the early U-2s and from what I understand, they are nice models. However, these are much different (and noticeably smaller) than the later R and S variants.

4. Japanese TwinS…. in 1/48

I’ll admit, I do have a fascination with the many different airframes the Japanese produced in the war.  And this is where the 1/72 builders have such an advantage.  There are great kits of the Sally, Peggy, Frances and other twins in that scale.  Builders have produced some amazing models from these kits.

However, outside of vaccuform kits, there are few Japanese twin engine bomber models for us in 48th.   There is the very nice and simple to build Tamiya Betty which is worth every penny of its asking price.  AZ Models brought us a Lily recently and I am told it is very nice even if it is a little difficult to come by here.

I think these would be as well received in 48th scale as they are typically smaller than allied twin engine airplanes.  The prototypes enjoyed relatively long service lives and there were a variety of paint schemes on these planes to keep builders happy.

5. A 1/72 pB4Y-2 Privateer


I have a big interest in the Pacific War and that is where I tend to focus my builds.  One thing I have noticed is that the more I learn about the Pacific War the more I realize that I don’t know much about it.  Take this Privateer for example.  I didn’t know it existed  or what it did until I ran into one at the Pima Air and Space Museum in 2018.  While the liberator bomber does absolutely nothing for me, this highly modified version made an immediate impression.  It just looks mean – especially in the tri-colour Navy scheme.  Now I know there are a few resin conversion kits out there designed to convert the Revellogram B-24 but those are expensive conversions to an old kit.

I love this plane and I’d love to build a good one.  Maybe 1/48 is the wrong scale for this beast and I should hope for a cutting edge 1/72 as the Matchbox version is old and rather difficult to come by.  I know I would pick one up if someone made one in either scale.

Let’s Hear from you: What do you want?

No matter what, I am really hoping that 2021 treats us much better than 2020 did. And I hope some of these asks are answered. My list is predictable as always so I’d like to see what you want to buy and build. Do you like any in my top 5? Any glaring omissions? Let me know in the comments.

19 thoughts on “2021 Dream Kit List

Add yours

  1. Great picks for your wish list.
    The one I would be interested the most in, is the F-86. I can’t figure out why nobody is making a really good kit of this iconic and important aircraft.
    If somebody released one in either or both scales, I would be all over it like stink on cheese!

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  2. And if I could pick an aircraft kit to be prodused in styrene, I would say the Vultee BT-13, the Vultee Vibrator. A local airfield was a training facility for fighter and multi-engine aircraft and they used the BT-13 basic trainer before being shipped off to train further in the AT-6.
    I would really dig it.


  3. 1/48 Sea Venom, 1/48 Privateer, 1/48 biz jets. An industry wide moratorium on new moldings of Spitfires, Mustangs, -109’s,190’s Corsairs, et al. Or at least fill a gap before you just redo a redo of a redo. How about a nice Douglas AD-2 thru -4 Korean era Skyraider? Fire fighting aircraft? The WWII mainstream fighters/ bombers have been done to death.


  4. Gday Chris and Happy New Year
    First I wanted to say I recently listened to you being interviewed on a podcast, and really enjoyed listening to your views on the hobby, many of which mirror mine
    So! To the list. Definitely need a new tooled family of Sabres in 48 scale, and some downsized tamiya Corsairs, and I like the idea of Japanese twins, maybe HK will downsize their Nick
    For me, I’d like
    48 scale Fairey Gannet
    48 scale Fairey Battle
    48 scale HP Hampden
    32 scale P51B Mustang
    32 scale P47 Thunderbolt
    I’d be happy with the first 3 from Airfix as I can’t realistically see anyone else doing them, but I’d love Tamiya to do my 32 scale picks
    Keep up the great blog.looking forward to seeing what you produce in 21

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      1. A 1/48 Fairey Battle would be great with BCATP decals.
        Also a 1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk IV with BCATP decals.
        Cessna Crane… Avro Anson…Fairchild Cornell…Fleet Finch…Tiger Moth…

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  5. I am completely with you on the 1/72 PB4Y-2 Privateer. That has been on my wish list for nearly a decade. The most logical kit manufacturer would be Hasegawa since they have the molds already for the wings. Mike West from Lonestar Models will be releasing a full resin 1/48 PB4Y-2 Privateer kit sometime in 2021, and he estimates the purchase price will be around $250.00. The other kit on my wish list is a 1/32 P-51B Mustang. Hopefully, Tamiya will fill this void. Andy

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  6. I’m still holding out on Airfix releasing a 1:48 Bristol Bleinhem Mk IV. They initially did both the Mk I and the Mk IV in 1:72 and have subsequently released the Mk I in 1:48. I’m hoping it’s only a matter of time before they have a 1:48 Mk IV.

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  7. It seems that a lot of us want a good 1/72 PB4Y-2 and I’m in full agreement with that. Being exclusively a 1/72 and 1/144 kind of guy I’m leaving those who want bigger scales to vote but I’d really like a 1/144 Boeing 247, the first modern airliner.

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  8. I agree with you on the F-86, but wish to narrow it down to specific variants: I’d like an F-86E, and “Hog nose” F-86H.

    A 1/48th scale F9F series, and F2H Banshee would be greatly appreciated from Tamiya, or Meng.


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