Model Airplane Maker brought to you Live!

Ok… brought to you pre-recorded with the boys over on the Scale Model Podcast.

Last week they invited me to the show to talk about the “Let’s Get Pacific Group Build” (all are still welcome to join), some things that I have been working on as well as a few things that I have cooking for 2023. Stuart, Geoff, Terry, and I also discuss some new releases, what we are looking forward to in 2023 model-wise, and get into some fun history bits that drove us to this hobby. Or at least keep us firmly engaged in model building.

As usual, I really enjoyed the experience despite my obvious rookie podcast participant mistakes!

To have a listen just click here or below:

Last Thing

I’m really looking forward to re-uniting with the Scale Model Podcast in person at HeritageCon 15 in sunny Hamilton Ontario. At least, I sure hope it is sunny. Hell, I’ll take lukewarm with overcast compared to last time. Keep in mind boys and girls, this show is rapidly coming up on us (March 26, 2023) and if last year was any indication, this show is well worth the trip.

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