Jet Cockpits using paint only

In this platinum age of model kits, we have a lot of options when it comes to finishing kit cockpits. There is old-school scratch building, photoetch, resin sets, and those amazing 3d cockpit decal sets. Or you can just use what came in the box! And these days, more and more kits have excellent cockpits rivaling the detail of any aftermarket provider.

But no matter what you choose for your cockpit, you will need to paint it. 

In this video, I show how close we can get to those pre-painted cockpit sets using only simple techniques: acrylic paints and a wash.

No voodoo here. Well, unless you think dry-brushing and using washes are voodoo.

I use dry-brushing to help pop out the detail in the cockpit. I then go over these now easy-to-see details with a fine brush and paint. As an aside: I think it is funny how the entire dry-brushing technique that was all the rage in the 1980s eventually became something to be avoided and was actively denigrated as passé just a short while ago. Of course, whatever is old eventually becomes new again. Those who once decried this passé technique now bring us specifically formulated dry-brushing paints and brushes!

Otherwise, using the wash makes the cleanest of instrument panels. The wash will flow against round instruments as well. It really works nicely. Give it a try sometime!      

The link to the video is here or click below:

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