Finishing Kit Radial Engines – Now on YouTube

I’ve uploaded a video with some tips and a demonstration of how I finish radial engines. For those who have been following the blog for a while, this video features much of the information contained in my Modeling Radial Engines article from last year.

The engine I am finishing comes from the venerable 1/48 Hasegawa F4U-5 kit. Despite that kit getting on in years, the engine features a lot of nice detail at the front of the Corsair. I used it because I wanted to demonstrate how the techniques will work on any kit engine. I kept things basic and there is no aftermarket being used in this video. I only added lead wire for the ignition wires. The rest is paint and a wash. Simple but effective.

I learned a lot after the first video and I thank everyone for their comments. In this one I tried to improve the lighting and sound. I also took care to cut out any parts that dragged.

Please let me know what you think (Direct Link):

7 thoughts on “Finishing Kit Radial Engines – Now on YouTube

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  1. Can you add the direct link to YouTube with this post?
    I know I can find it, but it would be much easier to have it here.
    I will be watching it on my wide-screen TV using Chromecast.


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