Goodbye, Old Friend

This is my model workshop. Model studio if you like.

I built it some 13 years ago when we finished the basement. This was long before Model Airplane Maker was ever a thing and years before the little intern came along. Long before I even knew about the ‘social’ side of model making. Long before I knew how important bright light is when it comes to making models!

This was primarily about a space for me to unwind, build a model or two and enjoy the whole process in cozy comfort. I’m glad I saved these pics from the very beginning of the studio. As you can see, this always had more of an ‘office’ vibe than a workshop. In the beginning, I could easily fit the entire stash and a couple ongoing projects into one wardrobe. The other wardrobe contained my hand-built airbrush booth.

I spent many an hour in that room building my models. Learning from mistakes, trying new things, and gradually getting better. And I filled my display cases with the models I am proudest of.

This studio served its purpose. And now we must part ways. We decided to move into a ‘forever home’ and I am putting this send-off together while packing everything up.

Of course, the new home is wonderful and ticks off practically every box for us. The house has amazing features compared to the one we are leaving. It’s got pretty much everything I could ask for. Except for a ready-built model studio.

But I am not sad.

Over the last few years, it became very obvious that I should have done some things differently with the space. I’d have put less emphasis on having a ‘chill’ model space and more emphasis on things like overhead lighting, storage space, and walls that don’t absorb light. I’d also focus on better places to put video cameras and making sure there is room to share with others on the odd build night.

I have already staked out a couple potential studio spaces in the new home. Both would be almost the same size but one is in a finished basement space while the other would be in an unfinished furnace room. I am leaning toward setting up shop in the furnace room but either way, I’ll have a blank canvas. I’ll also have the benefit of experience.

So, what does this mean for Model Airplane Maker? In terms of the blog I have a few pieces I am working on so I think it is full steam ahead. In terms of video, I have a few things in the can but after that I might have to focus on smaller building/scratch building projects as we move in and get going in the new house. No matter what, I’ll be sharing the new studio build when I get started on it.

So, its goodbye to an old friend. It served me well!

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  1. Congratulations on the new home! I hope you enjoy it and that you and your family are very happy there for as long as you live!
    My modeling space is right where I want it and I don’t foresee a move at all for the rest of my life…I have lived on my family farm, that’s been here since 1840, for nearly the last 10 years. It was where I wanted to be when I retired (and that happened far sooner than I ever thought). Having the space is a respite and a spot where everything is purely concentrated on the hobby, nothing else.
    So, here’s to your new home and your future space for the wonderful hobby!

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