Scale Model Soup Steven Is Purging

Two reblogs in one month? This is not like me. Then again, if someone has written something that I enjoy and I can comment about, then why not? I’ve been following Scale Model Soup for years. Steven posts about builds, shows, and some very clever thoughts about the hobby. My favorite posts of his are his year-end ’round ups’ that recap the odd things that happen in this hobby of ours.

Most recently, Steven has posted about purging the stash.

He decided to do this for much the same reasons as I did start sometime in 2020: I had lost the passion for some of my projects and I had far too many doubles and “must-have” show deals. Most importantly I came to the realization that if I truly wanted to build a project later on, chances are I could just go and buy it when I needed it. So why feed this ‘need’ to stockpile? Why maintain the stockpile? I may never get around to some of these projects

To be fair, I have never gotten to the level where I need a dedicated server to track my model stash. Compared to some that I have seen and heard about, my stash is laughably junior. Some would call it ‘cute’. I started purging in 2020 and in the last three or so years I’ve sold off more than half my stash.

And I am glad I did. I am moving this spring and I still managed to fill over a dozen moving boxes with my reduced stash. The move, some thoughts about my old model studio, and ideas about my new setup will be the subject of a future blog. Suffice it to say, I will be looking to further reduce the scale model holdings this spring. Stay tuned!

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  1. It’s funny that you post this as I’ve been looking at the stash recently as to which kits should go as I’m 59 and my eyesight is not getting any better.
    Getting old sucks!

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  2. I too am moving and while my stash was very small and focused, I still have the built models amd the in progress to deal with. I packed the stash, gave a few of the built units to a school, and am scheming on how to move the rest. I wish the modeling podcasts would explore this topic (or have they?) I do have six planes that have survived 40 urs of moves but they had no antennas or PE widgets to break.

    So if want to share how you pack the finished models it would be another data point.

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  3. I just moved! Luckily my son has a cellar at his property because I laughably thought I’d have enough room. Now I’ve a full cellar, a full loft and stacks of kits in the bedroom ..temporarily. You can imagine how well that is going down! Can’t bring myself to sell them off. Too much effort and I just know I’ll need the ones that get culled. Besides I’m gonna build them all!

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