So, you want to paint it black…

The big Revell Blackbird is done and I have some things to say about the build in a future blog post. But for now, I thought I’d share how I painted the beast. This is not the first time I have painted a Blackbird. The first time was in a much smaller scale and I just painted it with gloss black. The result? Well… it just did not look right. The decals were exceedingly bright against the darkest background possible and unless I held the model in the light at the right angle, all of the detail was gone.

This time I was going to do something different. You see, the Revell SR-71 is a nicely detailed model. There are all sorts of recessed panel lines all over it. Flat black may have been what Revell recommended in the instructions but I wanted to show off the detail and recreate what I saw in some reference pictures. I took a few risks with some new products and techniques and I think I largely succeeded.

Wanna see a Video?

To see the video, just click here or below:

Last Thing

As usual, let me know what you think. Do you have any painting ‘strategies’ or do you find some colours or finishes more difficult to apply?

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  1. I saw your YT video first – I found it very interesting and forwarded it to a couple of other modelers I know from down in the Excited States. Very well done and informative

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