The Tomcat Build Continues with tips for painting wheels

I have just finished the third build video for the 1/48 Tamiya Tomcat. This one was about finishing all of the subassemblies ahead of painting the big turkey. As I have mentioned previously, there are few build challenges with this kit so this video shows one strategy for quickly painting the tires on the landing gear with precision and without the use of masks.

To see the video you can simply click here or below:

As I am writing this, I have started to paint the big beast and I hope to get that video out soon.

3 thoughts on “The Tomcat Build Continues with tips for painting wheels

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  1. As a former Navy avionics technician, I spent quite a bit of time crawling on, around, and under aircraft. I left the Navy about the time everybody was getting F 14s, so in my day they were all Phantoms. Nonetheless, the reason that they painted the edges of the gear doors red was to help people avoid smacking their heads on them as they were crawling under the aircraft. As for the beach volleyball scenes in “Top Gun”, all the time I was at Miramar I never saw anybody playing beach volleyball. Of course that wasn’t the only inaccuracy in that movie, but this is not the time to discuss it.

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    1. Ah!! So there was a reason behind the madness. Thanks for the info!! My thinking about top gun school is that these guys were drinking from firehoses the entire time and there was certainly no time for volleyball ball and shenanigans


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