Model Airplane Maker on the Scale Model Podcast

Hosted by Stuart Clark, Geoff Heyland and Terry Miesle, the Scale Model Podcast is one of the first podcasts featuring scale model content. Actually, they are the second model related podcast, right after On the Bench. Now well into their third year of production, they are up to their 85th episode.

That’s quite the accomplishment.

This bi-weekly podcast sets itself apart by featuring ‘industry side’ interviews. These industry guests are are varied and interesting. I recall listening to interviews of professional model builders, hobby product distributors and scale model manufacturers. What I like about this podcast is their obvious enthusiasm for the hobby and their dedication to ensuring we listeners are as up to date as possible on upcoming releases and shows.

Just don’t try to compare stash sizes with these guys, each can hold their own!  

Over the years they have discussed a few of the articles I’ve posted on Model Airplane Maker and I have appreciated the comments they have made as well as their takes on some of the topics I’ve written about. The SMP crew invited me to join them ‘on air’ in their latest episode where we discussed the impetus and direction of Model Airplane Maker. We also exchanged thoughts on the direction of the hobby, what drives our interest as well as our thoughts on some new releases.

You can hear and/or download Episode 85 of the Scale Model Podcast here.

It was a lot of fun to join the guys in the broadcast booth and see how a podcast is made. There was some impressive on-the-fly virtual IT Tech done by Stuart to fix a mic issue right before recording started. Other than that, there was relatively little hazing*. I look forward to seeing them ‘live’ at Heritagecon in the spring.

I certainly had a great time talking with these guys and I hope I acquitted myself well on the show. I recommend you take a listen.

Actually, I encourage anyone who has not yet tried to listen to a podcast to head on over to to see what is available and download a few. Some really like to play these as they are building. I enjoy my winter walks far more with some scale model content.

*Note to Stuart and Geoff: As of Tuesday, yours truly is now a fully fledged member of IPMS Canada.

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