Now that’s a Big Model

Forget 24th or even 18th scales. Those seem so small and insignificant now. For I have seen the world’s largest scale model! And boy, it’s a big one:

This is a 1:1 scale, CF-105 Avro Arrow and it lives in a hangar maintained by the Edenvale Aviation Heritage Museum in sunny Stayner Ontario.

Earlier this summer I was making my way to a cottage along Lake Huron. I used the backroads to get there and the last thing I expected to see was a Mig-15 perched outside a small airport.  A few days later I mentioned this to Jim Bates over at A Scale Canadian and he informed me that the Mig is part of a museum at this airport and the collection includes a full sized Avro Arrow. 

I went to the site, got my tickets and took the little one with me to this little air museum in cottage country. The collection includes that Mig, a Tracker, Tutor, Chipmunk, Cornell, Tiger Moth and a Jet Ranger. But the star of the show is the Arrow and it is impressive.

I made a Model Airplane Maker video of the visit and you can click below to visit it or you can click this link.

Last Thoughts

Unfortunately there was little information about the construction of the model except that there were some 10 volunteers who built it over some 10 years. That is metal skin on it and it is riveted. The paint was done by Bombardier and this model was on display in Toronto for a few years before making it way to Edenvale in 2019. I tried to find more information about its construction, etc. But most of the information I cold find related to the unfortunate closing of the museum where it was originally held. I did find this video.

If anyone has any information on the construction of this massive model, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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  1. The Arrow used to be in the museum at Downsview Park in fact it was built there I beleive in the early 2000’s. Its skin only but a very impressive 1/1 model none e less. Also Downsview used to be where the real Arrows were built

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