Model Airplane Maker on the Plastic Posse Podcast

The Plastic Posse Podcast is hosted by TJ Haller, Doug Smith, John Bonnani, and Scott Gentry.  They combine to create a bi-weekly scale modeling podcast for all genres, scales, and ability levels. I’d say the show leans more towards armor and sci-fi themes but they discuss all categories of scale modeling. The show also has excellent interviews and discussions with featuring well known guests, as well as roundtable panels and group discussions that offer a deeper perspective on this hobby.

What I like about this podcast is their overall inclusive attitude and their obvious enthusiasm for the hobby. That really speaks to me and I suspect many others. Their tagline: ‘There is NO wrong way to enjoy Scale Modeling!’ says it all.  

The podcast has something for everyone and has excellent production quality.

The Plastic Posse Podcast hosted an “Aircraft Modeling Roundtable” featuring Jim Bates from A Scale Canadian TV, Kris Sieber from Luftraum72 and yours truly. Rounding out the panel were Posse members John Vitkus and Doug Smith. Scott Gentry hosted and guided us through a range of aircraft modeling specific topics as well as some more general topics. I certainly had a great time talking with these guys and I recommend you take a listen.

You can hear and/or download Episode 26 of the Plastic Posse Podcast here

We discussed a lot of different topics in this roundtable and there were some perspectives that I never thought of. If you please, I’d like to know your thoughts on these topics – did we nail it or did we miss something?

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