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By day I’m a professional problem solver who strives to provide straightforward and practical answers to complex questions.  I have worked for national charities, tech companies, defence and security manufacturers as well as healthcare organizations.   I’m married and thoroughly wrapped around the finger of an amazing 8 year old daughter.   I love airplanes, baseball, biking and I’ve recently taken up paddling in my kayak.  Otherwise, I’m always longing for summer and warm weather.

About Model Airplane Maker

My mother encouraged me to take up models when I was about 7.  My first model was a battleship but I was attracted to model aircraft early on.  Like most,  I left the hobby in my teens to pursue other things.

After a couple years of lurking on a couple model building forums and discovering a wealth of information, I brought home a Tamiya 1/48 Corsair in the fall of 2007.  This first build provided me with an easy way to decompress and avoid wasting winter hours in front of the television.

Since returning to the hobby I have met many friends and fellow builders. I made this site to share my enjoyment of building model airplanes as well as to show techniques I use to build.  I occasionally throw in some commentary and observations as well; always in good fun.

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