The 2019 Dream Kit List

Happy 2019 everyone!!  I hope you made it out of the silly season in one piece and that you are ready to tackle 2019. Ahh the “Top-5” wish list; Its been done before but hey, it has not yet been done here. And though I have a plenty of kits to build there is always […]

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Stash Porn!

Its the end of the year and the holidays are now upon us.  What better way to sit and anticipate the season of receiving than to scroll down a blog entry about model stashes?  And if there is one surefire way to get views and responses on a forum then just invite people to post […]

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Finish Your Damn Shelf Queens!

No matter what your intentions are, no matter how much you promise you will never become one of “those guys”; At some point you end up with a shelf queen.  For those who are lucky enough (or deluded enough) to not know what a shelf queen is, the term is a derivative of “Hangar Queen” in […]

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