Bargain Adventures!

A natural offshoot of the hobby of building models is the hobby of collecting stashing models. If collecting railroad themed plates, beanie babies or used ‘8 bit’ game systems are considered legitimate hobbies, then I say that maintaining an impressive stash is just as legitimate. It really doesn’t take long for most of us to […]

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Earning Your (Modeling) Stripes

When I got back into the hobby my initial goal was to incorporate some new technique, or tool, or anything “new” into each one of my builds. At first it was photoetch, then resin bits, then some basic scratch building. After I got the hang of pre and post shading, I turned my mind towards […]

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Fool Me Once

Last year I wrote a post about the expensive kit myth where I compared prices of kits from over 30 years ago.  The summary was that the comparison is very difficult because the kits from today are entirely different products from years ago.  As a bit of an update, I came across a very interesting […]

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